Growth Roadmap

The mission of our collection is to release 10,000 Pimoggy PlasticMiners all over planet earth. These pimoggys will recycle metric tons of plastic annually. The existence of pimoggy’s will promote behavioral changes in people to support better plastic waste management for a cleaner future.

This roadmap outlines our goals and how we will grow Plastichain; We’re in this for the long haul and have set clear benchmarks.Once we hit a target sales percentage, we will begin the real infrastructure work needed to accomplish our stated goal. We’re also constantly generating new ideas through our team outside of the projected scope. Good ideas always attract people who will help them grow. That's why it's so exciting to embark on this adventure with our ever-growing community.

Step 1

An extraordinary live showcase in Istanbul's most magnificent building: Haydarpasa Railway Station

Real stories are worth sharing. The pinnacle of art is being able to tell a story without written language. Our teaser event will be accompanied by the recycled works that our founder Sevincy has produced over ten years which refer to the impact of plastic.

Step 2

Upgrading material on Pimoggy Physical

Pimoggys have huge potential as physical works of art outside of their utility as plastic mining “banks’. Our Pimoggy piggy bank sare sustainably produced using recycling and fabrication techniques. We collect cheap non-biodegradable waste to construct our current pimoggy line but that’s only the beginning. The next line of functional sculptures will be produced from more durable carbon fiber material. Additionally we will begin producing the energy consumed by the electrically powered LED light eyes by including special panels in our design.

The hope is that one day all that will remain of humanity's toxic dependency on plastics are these beautiful and unique works of art. We will share this journey in the form of animation.

Our branches are opening

Our Plastic Chain Art station branches will open simultaneously in Istanbul, Turkey & Los Angeles, California. We will expand branches with the income generated from our first mint. We expand to as many cities as possible as plastichain grows.

Step 3

Rarity Sniper Integration

Track your Pimoggy's rarity with the largest NFT community world, Rarity Sniper. Pimoggy collectibles will be listed onRarity Sniper and be seen by NFT holders worldwide.

Pimoggy Airdrop

A select amount of Pimoggy NFTS will be airdrop to our squad, supporters, early adopters, community partners, and through social channel giveaways.

Step 4

Pimoggy DAPP

Our Pimoggy Dapp is on its way! Now we can integrate AR into our project!

Our dream is coming true. Plastic Token is here! Find the nearest Pimoggy, feed it your plastic waste and earn Plastic Tokens!

Step 5

Movement to standardise packaging of plastic products

One of the biggest challenges for recycling are the non plastic components often included with plastic products such as paint, chemicals, labels, tags, etc. The amount of these non plastic components can even differ in products produced by the same manufacturer. This lack of standardisation makes recycling nearly impossible as they reduce the quality of the final recycled plastic material. We will enact an initiative to require plastic product manufacturers to curtail non recyclable materials in their products.

Step 6

Begin production of custom “side” collections. We want to cooperate with companies that market their products with plastic by designing a corporate Pimoggy for them. Imagine seeing beloved characters come to life as Pimoggy’s. Wouldn’t it be incredible to feed a Jigglypuff pimoggy?

Step 7

Plastichain station in the metaverse

Your NFTs will come to life and integrate into an amazing virtual open world! We will collaborate with major platforms in the Metaverse (Sandbox, MANA, TGC etc...) to accomplish this. Every owner will have access to this special living world with their NFT.

The Future of Plastichain

When these stages are completed, we will take care to maintain Plastichain. Our artist comes from the contemporary art world and is really passionate about this path. She has always been filled with the desire to make art more impressive, impactful, and assertive, and seeks to push limits. We count on your support! We can't wait to see what happens in the future!